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Purple Yam (Ube)

Purple Yam (Ube)

Ube has been trending on the food scene for the past few years.

What is ube?

Ube (ooooh-bae) is a bright purple yam from the Philippines that has a sweet, earthy and nutty taste with hints of vanilla.

If you’ve been around Filipinos, you know how ube-obsessed we are. We have ube in jams, cakes, rolls, flans, cheesecake, pudding and, of course, ice cream.

Our ube ice cream is smooth and nutty with just the right amount of sweet vanilla. We added real ube puree (“halaya”) to give you that extra ooooomph of ube-liciousness. Because nothing tastes like comfort more than a bowl of ube ice cream.

  • Ordering Info

    • for 2.5 gal orders, please allow at least 2 weeks lead time
PriceFrom $9.99
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